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In Conversation With Panther On Captivating The Crowd With His Brand of Rap

Anubhav Shukla, popularly known as Panther, is an Indian rap and hip-hop artist from Uttar Pradesh. Starting out his career almost five years ago, Panther has achieved success in the music industry and has made waves with his hit single ‘Oh My God’. His performance on the popular television show MTV Hustle 2.0 was one of the biggest highlights of his career, garnering millions of views on YouTube.

Through his music, he explores various topics from his personal experiences and current lifestyle to social issues that are often overlooked. His passion for rap music and lyrical flow captivated the audience and won him several million views on YouTube. As he continues to create music and progress in his career, we caught up with him for an exclusive interview to discuss his journey in the music industry, his views on the hip-hop/rap scene in India, and the process behind his latest single ‘Sunti Kaha Hai’. His newfound success and the messages he sends through his music has made him a role model to many aspiring rappers and hip-hop artists. 

1. What motivated you to pursue a career in rap and hip-hop music?

Hip-hop has always been the best way to talk about anything, be it your stories, a part of your life, or your emotions. While I was doing all of this as a fun sport in the beginning, I eventually realized that this is what I’m meant to do. Hence, here we are, doing and living Hiphop!

2. What kind of topics do you generally explore in your music?

I’ve never been bound to any topics when I write. It’s mostly some thoughts conveyed on a track, sometimes a phase I’ve been through, or sometimes a social issue I wanna talk about. The most important thing for me is that, if I’m doing a song, I must be giving it 100, both musically and lyrically, that’s it.

3. You recently appeared on the popular television show MTV Hustle 2.0. What changed for you after the show? What was your biggest takeaway?

Well, that show has had a great impact on my music career. I got introduced to a nationwide audience and people now know who I am and what my music sounds like. The biggest takeaway for me would be the experience. The show experience first of all and secondly, the experience which Badshah bhai and other mentors hold. They shared that with us and now, we’re much more aware and equipped as an artist.

4. Take us through the making of ‘Sunti Kaha Hai’. What led to the astounding visuals, lyrics, and production of the track?

‘Sunti Kaha Hai’ is a rant, witty rant about relationships and the relationship tantrums that which majority of us experience in the modern world. I freestyled the hook on this llouis beat and that’s when the song came into existence. Ruthvik Jadhav directed the scintillating visuals for the song.

5. What tips would you offer to aspiring rap and hip-hop artists?

Be Hungry or you’ll get nothing to eat!

6. Name one hip-hop artist you truly admire.

J Cole it is, undoubtedly!

7. What challenges did you face when trying to establish yourself in the music industry?

It’s just the fact that the music industry isn’t just about music anymore. It functions across virality, fame, and numbers, and then comes the good music. Everyone seeks these factors and that has been the challenge for a good period of time in our country. Let’s see if we’re able to change that with time.

8. What is your opinion on the overall music scene in India? What do we lack and how would you want to change it? 

Musically, we lack nothing. All of us Artists just need to come together more often to collaborate and experiment with sounds that can turn out to be a very unique experience for the listeners!

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