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Delhi’s Kraken Aim To Crowdfund Their Next Album

Over the past couple of years we have seen Kraken, Delhi’s hip-hop influenced math-rock outfit, make noise with their first EP Lush. The band has maintained a certain aesthetic since the launch, starting from their album artwork to the band merch and recently also embarked on India’s first Cosplay tour last year.

With the band due to release a new EP/Album this year, they have decided to crowdfund it. When asked about the reason for this decision, Moses Koul, the lead guitarist and front man of the band says “We decided to crowdfund our album because we wanted to take our music directly to the people who have been supportive of us and the independent music movement we are a part of. It’s a great leveller because it tells you how invested your audience is really, and how much they back you. For us, it’s been surreal. We weren’t expecting the outpouring or support and love we have witnessed. Now is the final lap, and everything – big or small goes a long way. And by contributing you can play your part in the album.”

To contribute click here.

The band plans to raise a sum of Rs 1,75,000 for their new album and the band says that the way they have visioned and planned the upcoming record, it won’t be possible to make it a reality without the support of their fans. A crowdfunding campaign in no way a donation drive and every contribution comes with it’s perks. Sticking to their basics for trying to provide the fans with something new and memorable every time, this time too the band has come up with perks and merchandise as part of the crowdfunding program. Starting from shout-outs, hand written notes and merch, to day-outs with a member of your choice, exclusive anime nights, each contributor will receive something based on their contribution amount.

To contribute click here.

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