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Analyzing Nanku’s New Sonic Landscape: Hyperpop EP “Hoes Headquarters”

Nanku’s “Hoes Headquarters” EP released in late November this year marks a bridge between his future project and his previous ones, while also acting as his foray in the hyperpop and trance subgenre. With this five track EP, Nanku has aimed to put us in a capsule of melodic lofi tunes combined with themes, lyrics and sounds of modern day hip hop, which has earned him his name and fame in the DHH scene. 

We’re eased into the EP with a slow groovy beat courtesy of Lambo Drive which features Spanish themed guitars and percussion very reminiscent of “Maharani” from Karun’s album “Qabool Hai”. Nanku comes in right on beat as Lambo’s tag fades out, initiating the verse followed by a hook which is super catchy and repeats throughout the song. The lyrics of the entire EP are based on him and his relationships with girls in his life. Whether his muse consists of one girl or multiple is unclear. However, the name of the EP points to there being multiple muses. 

The next song completely flips the vibe, with an arpeggiated synth line that repeats throughout the song, which is then riddled with drum hits when the verse begins. This track has a late 2000s, early 2010s vibe to it with its instrumentals and lyrics. Nanku talks about a girl who has dysfunctional habits, but how he still can’t get his mind off her, comparing her to a “Titlee” (butterfly) as the song’s title rightfully points out. Frappe Ash makes an appearance on this one, with his unmistakable sound, cycling between English and Hindi, adding the cherry on the icing for this track.

“Kamikaze” has been the fan favourite from this EP, being played on repeat whether it’s on people’s playlists or the live shows. The hook is super catchy and a total earworm, all thanks to Faizan. The beat is pretty simple and minimalistic, similar to the second one, with arpeggios and a set drum pattern. What gives this song that pizzazz is the outstanding work by both Nanku and Faizan on their parts. Nanku rides the beat, coming in with a laid back flow with witty lyrics that make the listener crack a smile. The whole song revolves around the Kamikaze cocktail, a japanese word which literally translates to “divine wind”, which could be a double entendre for both the drink and the girl Nanku is rapping about.

The penultimate track has a beat reminiscent of the song “3005” by Childish Gambino, with similar piercing and pulsating synths. The title and the entire song is a play on the iconic character Mary Jane from the Spiderman movies. Nanku addresses similar themes on this song, while also talking about being famous and living out his fast life of fame with this girl. 

The last track of this EP is self titled. It starts off with a horn sample which morphs into a looping guitar sting and leads with a call and response drum pattern. Nanku talks about his love life and relationships after gaining fame and traction in the DHH scene, being wary of relationships in the future, while also calling back to the thoughts addressed throughout the EP.

Hoes Headquarters also pays a lot of attention to detail, with several well made skits at the middle of or end of songs that tie in with the track’s theme and the themes of the albums itself, a concept very unheard of in EPs. 

All in all, this EP serves as a great bridge for Nanku’s listeners to hang on to while they wait for his next project, while also telling them what they might be in for, genre-wise.

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