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A Harmonic Reverie: Michael Dias’ Pop Spectacle ”Show Me What’s Real”

Michael Dias’s unique musical sensibility has created a buzz around his work since his debut work. The way in which a listener is introduced to glimpses of blues, jazz, pop, classical, rock and even folk music within his art, and the ease of juxtaposition, all of it lays there in front of the ears, is splendid. His contributions to the popular rock band Mad Orange Fireworks were already a mass hit, with listeners adoring their performances. However, Michael has recently chosen to follow the path of becoming a solo musician, and he already has had fans’ love through his singles “The Fruit”, “I Will Let You Go”, “Chai Song”, and “Time Machine”.

This seasoned singer from Kochi, with the release of his debut album “Show Me What’s Real”, has shown his listeners what a capable musical visionary he is. Comprising 10 songs, every melody is unique and a symphony in its own right, weaving emotions and stories. This pop album is so refreshing that hints of retro musicality are clearly evident. On top of it, the slight variations of jazz, rock, blues, and funk sprinkled all through the album make it the special delicacy served right from the heart by Dias.

With the fast-paced tempo, the first song of the album, the namesake of the album, “Show Me What’s Real”, easily boosts the adrenaline high up that it is impossible for anyone not to listen to it. It is addictive, especially due to the ambience created by the instrumental and the dreamy vocals of Michael Dias. This one-person show is everything a pop lover would dream of. Next, “Why Suzie Why” continues the excitement formed with the first song as it is just as catchy as the previous one, yet on a softer note, even though it clearly reveals a story of frustration and taking it all out. “Time Machine” begins with an interesting acoustic mood, and the vocals really elevate the melody further. The harmony is soothing, fitting in the slow-paced melody, providing a feel-good feeling. 

The song will easily be detected by ardent followers of Dias as it was pre-released already. “The Fruit” is easily the most heartfelt song of the album; the gentle bass lines and quaint beats rocking along the beautiful vocals of Both Michael Dias and Shakthisree Gopalan illustrate the bliss for the listeners. “I Will Let You Go” is also another known song of Dias that lets itself be engulfed in the transfusion of sorrow and delusion. The melody is soft, beholding the strongest feelings, and the composition does justice to the lyrics penned beautifully for this album. “Flicked A Switch” opens with refreshing strings that are efficiently delivered with a strong hook that unsurprisingly urges the listener to hum unknowingly. The finger-picked guitar, with its delicate acoustic flavour, adds to the quality of the melody.

The “Chai Song” from the debut album “Show Me What’s Real” by this seasoned singer unveils a soulful melody, blending nostalgic retro vibes with a contemporary twist. With each chord, it becomes a musical journey, a symphony that resonates with the essence of a chai-sipping soul. “Once I Find You,” a track that follows, echoes the same addictive allure found in the album’s namesake. The rhythmic cadence, coupled with Michael Dias’ dreamy vocals, creates a pop spectacle, leaving listeners entranced. It’s a musical quest, with every note inviting repeated exploration. As the album unfolds, “I Can’t Go On” introduces an acoustic mood, its gentle harmony providing a soothing rhythm that elevates the melody. With an evocative composition, this track becomes a serenade of feelings, a soft whisper carrying a profound emotional weight. 

Then emerges “Black Hole,” a pre-released gem that stands as the emotional core of the album. Michael Dias’s harmonious vocals, coupled with gentle bass lines, weave a heartfelt narrative. It’s a musical sanctuary, a refuge where the listener finds solace in the profound connection between lyrics and melody.

Within “Show Me What’s Real,” each song is a chapter, a distinct note contributing to a harmonious journey. The delicacy served by Dias transcends genres, blending jazz, rock, blues, and funk, creating an album that resonates as a heartfelt offering to music lovers.

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