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5 Visually Enthralling Music Videos In Indian Hip-Hop We’ve Seen This Year So Far

The underlying message of a track can often find different expressions, the visual medium being a prominent one. The underground hip-hop scene in India is filled with visionaries and creative geniuses, or in some cases, mutuals who have a great way of visual storytelling. Here are five of our favourite music videos from lesser-known artists this year.

1. Barood by Chaar Diwaari

Chaar Diwaari, without a doubt, is one of the most underrated artists we’ve seen emerging in the music scene. Apart from producing and creating distinct sounds and playing with outlandish yet fascinating themes, this Delhi-based artist is also an experimental filmmaker. His recent work “Barood” is an epitome of Audio-Visual experience in the scene as of now, he has managed to weave the auditory spectrum of the track with quite unsettling visuals as he narrates his story.

2. Surpanakha by Shauharty

Having our interpretations out of a rather layered track is undeniably one of the best things about listening to experimental music. Shauharty’s “Surpanakha” is one of those tracks that can be interpreted in multiple ways, and the 17-year-old filmmaker behind this marvel, Aditya Mishra presents the track in his very own perspective. Drawing concepts from versions of Ramayana, the short film sees the inner conflicts and exceeding obsessions of an artist.

3. Thaltej Blues by Dhanji

Shot in Dhanji’s very own hometown, “Thaltej Blues” is the perfect way the funky track can be visually represented. The Music Video sees Dhanji, in Thaltej, having a conversation with Neil CK (who has additional in the track) at a table with his friends ACHARYA and Siyaahi hanging around. The track does not have a story or a concept, well apart from Dhanji’s makeover, it is just him being himself. In a particular clip, while Dhanji is getting his hair trimmed, “Rocky Bhalbhala” is written, which is a humorous way of mentioning “Rocky Balboa” a fictional film character. Such instances and clips compile to form a rather unserious yet true-to-the-intention visual experience.

4. Rent is Due by The Seige

The Seige, a Bombay-based rapper, never steps back from honestly talking about the hustles and struggles that he faces on his journey of making it big in the industry. His recent track “Rent is Due” is a prelude to his forthcoming EP “BHAAGNA, CHHUPNA, DOOBNA”. The video sees him grinding for money and indulging in different activities to make some since his Rent is Due. This term is widely used in Hip-Hop as someone brings out their level best in their art when their rent is due.

5. Hood Fame by Bagi Munda

The second track of Bagi Munda’s recent tape “Betaj Badshah: Extended Play”, “Hood Fame” featuring Pho, talks about male ego and how being celebrated amongst your people changes your perspectives. The official video of the track features Bagi Munda and Pho. The Chandigarh-based rapper always intends to make his projects sound as close as they can to actual movies, especially the older ones that the artist loves. Amidst the video, Bagi Munda can be seen holding the poster of Agneepath, a 90’s movie that has been the inspiration behind this tape and the character that he portrays in it.

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